The assignment was to go to the parliament and study a session for one hour. We had to send a message that would communicate with the whole system. On this I worked with one of my course-mates Norman Niklus. Our main problem was that actually very little of the politicians paid attention during the hearing and they mainly were drawing cars and posting and liking stuff on facebook. So we made a “Workbook” to keep them entertained. It had many exercises such as labyrinths, drawing, writing, connecting the dots, origami etc. Just to keep them focused and to train their mind. We also added quotes and facts to the end. And everything was connected to their job and had a subliminal message to just keep working on building something better.

We printed and assembled the workbooks. All 101 of them + some for ourselves. We got to take them to the parliament and put them on the tables before the hearing. Later we went to the balcony to check on things. First it went well but one lady got a bit mad and took them from the tables. We ran, because we didn’t want to get caught. We later received a message from our inside man that all of the workbooks got distributed among all of the secretaries so they would pass them on to their rightful owners.




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