A brand identity I made for a pop-up bike shop called Jooks. The mission was to create something with a bit of a vintage feel, but with a modern and elegant twist. I took inspiration from sports graphics from the seventies and tried to transfer it to the present. A very nice part of this project was, that I was there from the very beginning and I got to pitch in with the selection of the name as well. It’s a very nice wordplay with the Estonian language. The word Jooks translates to wheelset and running aswell. That was also a really important inspiration for me.

This was actually my thesis project and I am very pleased how it turned out. I really got to put my skillset to work and the end-product is a nice reflection of my style and taste in graphic design.
identiteet wordpressi2 wordpressi

jooks_plakatid-28 jooks_plakatid-27 jooks_plakatid-26

hall_logoga must_anatoomiaga roosa_rattaga valge_ketiga


A few photos from now, when the store is actually open aswell!


Check them out at


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About Kannelmäe

My life consists of bicycles, design and video games

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